Dad Dresses His Toddler And Three Babies In Less Time Than His Wife In New Viral Video

When busy mom Corrie Whyte decided to show the world how she managed to dress up her two-year-old toddler Emily and her baby triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi, she had no idea the clip would go viral. She took about 10 minutes from start to finish — an incredible feat considering how squirmy all of them are!

Now, just a week later, her husband Dan Gibson has decided to challenge her! Dan takes on the task of dressing the Ontario couple’s four kids, and as it turns out, he can give her a run for her money. If we were impressed with Corrie’s skills and patience, we were definitely in awe of Dan’s.

Watch him try to keep all four of his kids on the bed, while scrambling to get their onesies on. But when they’re all ready for bed, Dad strikes a celebratory pose, and for more than one reason. As it turns out, he not only got all of his children ready for bed in not time, but he also beat his wife’s time by a full 12 seconds!

We foresee an ongoing challenge between the two… and a new way to make bedtime fun! Watch the entire video to see if you can discern this dad’s technique.

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